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Mar 15 2011

Praxis II Spanish: World Language Update

A super quick note–I PASSED! I got a 184 on the Praxis II Spanish: World Language test. 168 was passing for the state of New Jersey and I am SO happy right now. Update with the EE: CK score in a few weeks. ‘Till then, stay safe and happy guys!


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  1. erinkay

    Yay! Congrats, Heike!!

    No more tests for you right? Just waiting for the EE: CK scores?

    Sidenote: How do you pronounce your name? :P

    • heikemarie

      Thank youuuuu! No more tests! I’ll be glad when all the scores are back, though. You’ll have the easiest time of the EE:CK, I know it. I’m looking forward to hearing how your science scores went in a few weeks (though I know you’re less excited)!

      And, answer to sidenote ;) My name rhymes most closely in English with mica, the mineral. A real German pronunciation can be found here: http://www.nordicnames.de/Aussprache.html#H

  2. justcallmemaestra

    Felicidades! I am so happy that the wait is over for us! Hooray for Spanish CMs! :)

  3. Miss Baldwin

    That is great! I’m not sure what the differences are for MS and NJ are.. I just know that its either take the test and get a 168 or have 21+ credits in a content area and that makes you able to teach.

    • I just find that so interesting! I wish that were true here too :| I majored in Spanish, would have been nice to skip out on the testing!

  4. Lida

    Hey, I’m about to take the Spanish Praxis in MD and I need a 168 too. I’ve been trying to find everywhere what that’s out of or about what percent I need to score to get that. Do you remember what your breakdown for the multiple choice/constructed response was?

    • Oh gosh I know! I hated the fact that I went in without even a BALLPARK idea of how close I was to the appropriate score–not to mention Praxis guards their algorithm very closely. My raw point score breakdown was as follows:
      –Interpretive Mode: Listening — 23/25 (Avg. Performance: 15-21 out of 25)
      –Interpretive Mode: Reading — 21/24 (Avg. Performance: 16-21 out of 25)
      –Cultural Knowledge: 11/11 (Avg. Performance: 8-10 out of 11)
      –Interpersonal and Presentational Writing: 12/18 (Avg. Performance: 7-14 out of 18)
      –Presentational and Interpersonal Speaking: 12/18 (Avg. Performance: 7-14 out of 18)

      As you can see, I did average on the writing and speaking (I contribute this to being non-native), and very well on the other things (which I contribute in part to the easy way in which listening was presented).

      I hope this helps and let me know if you have any further questions! Suerte!

  5. Daniela

    Congratulations on your exam!!!….Ive think I’m stressing a little too much! I’m taking the test next week and I’m not going to say I’m clueless, however, I was wondering on your writing part..what type of writing prompts did you have and how was the reading comprehension….Did you write a lot or just met the minimum…Could you please fill me in!! And once again congrats on an outstanding score…that’s like a 92% WOW!!

    • Thanks so much Daniela! The writing prompts I can barely remember. There was a very short email one that I had to write to a colleague, but I don’t remember about what…another expressing opinion and a third tying into the listening/speaking (which was about whales? Random). I definitely kept myself to pretty much the minimum (when I had time, I even counted words!) and tried to make sure that it was short but as flawless as possible. It seemed they agreed with me that quality was more important than quantity.

      The reading comprehension was absolutely fine. It went from easiest to hardest but even the hardest was not too bad to figure out if you paid close attention. I don’t think you should worry about it.

      Hope this helps! :)


  6. Daniela

    Ok great well thank you so much for your feedback….I will be taking it Tuesday and once again Congrats!! :-)

    • I hope it went well! Please let me know how it went and how you felt about it!

  7. Daniela

    Oh my it went okay…..it was kinda of difficult to me! The listening was okay, the reading comprehension wasn’t too bad, the writing was okay, I was pressed for time on my last writing prompts, “ballenas” LOL and you warned me!! LOL That was hard!!! However, I dont think I did too well on the speaking part. I think I did mediocre on the two speaking parts where you have two minutes to prepare and two to speak. I spoke in about one minute tops LOL. The conversational dialogue straight bombed it….so the chances of me getting a “168″ is skating on thin ice! I guess I would had to have done an alright job on the listening and reading…like I said the writing was cool, 144 words on 1st, 114 on 2nd, and 64 on the 3rd SMH…I guess I will see! What you think LOL??

    • I think everyone walked out of the test feeling pretty badly about the speaking from what I have heard — with everything else it’s so hard to tell what they are looking for and how they are evaluating. Either way it’s over and I really hope you did well! Maybe if your gut is right on some of the worse parts your good scores will pull the rest up (that kind of happened to me). Sooooo please feel free to share your score when you get it but I’m thinking of you and I’m glad I could be helpful, even if it was just easing anxiety a little bit!


  8. Daniela

    Oh and btw…on the writing I think I did my best on focusing on quality :-)

  9. Daniela

    Didn’t do well at all maybe better luck next time. The test was so hard and I thought that maybe I had done better than what I thought. WRONG!! 33pts off. Thats really bad!! And the sad part is that on the older version on the test I passed with an 80%. SMH Oh well. :-( ……LOL I have to laugh to keep from being MAD!!

    • That’s crazy. I never took the other test but I hope you do better next time. I’m sorry my advice wasn’t useful to you :\

      Best of luck to you and if you need anything feel free to contact me on my personal email.

  10. Kimberly

    So I am taking the test next friday and I have been so crammed with work and studying that I am so nervous. The fact is that it is an expensive test and I don’t want to fail and have to pay again. The thing is I am taking it for SD and our score dropped from 160 to 145 now, so by the sound of you ladies it sounds easy, but I don’t know. Are there any techniques that you all used that you offer me. Also you that took it this summer, had probably the same tests is that because you are close to each other? Do you expect it to be the same now?

    • I’m very sorry I missed this and let me know how you did :(

  11. brooke

    Im getting ready to take the Praxis II. Reading your comments has been very helpful. Im not taking the test until Dec. 16th so I am still in study mode. Do you have any advice for me? I am worried about the listening section as I have heard there is only 20 sec to respond. How should I study for that? Can you remember any other portions that would help me? Feel free to email me at [email protected]
    I appreciate any help

    • I do apologize for not seeing this and I hope the test went well :( Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

      • Toy

        Any last minute advice? Ive taken it once and did pretty well on Speaking and writing but did not do too well on the multiple choice. I missed the passing score of 168 by 13 points…

        • Elle Smithers

          Toy, I took this test today and felt the exact same way you did, I feel better about the speaking and writing than the multiple choice! the listening was really hard in my opinion because it only gives you 20 seconds to answer the question. How did you end up doing on the test in March?

  12. Mitch Fraser

    Hi my name is Mitch, i am from Utah and i took the Spanish world language test last month. In the state of Utah, you need a 165 in order to pass the exam. Does anyone know what percentage this would be? Thank you!

  13. Toy

    Im taking the test tomorrow for the 2nd time!! Me pongo nerviosa!! Reading your comments has helped and I have been studying “Essential Repaso”..Its a great review and Ive even learned a lot. Buena Suerte a todos

    • Carrie

      I saw your post wondering how you did? I was needing some pointers on the speaking and writing. I have scored well on the multiple choice.

  14. Jenn

    Hi I am taking this in may. Does anyone remember the subjects for the speaking prompts. I get nervous when I am being timed. If I atleast know the subject I can better prepare. Help??

  15. Jenn

    Hi meant to say Praxis Spanish II. Help??

  16. Jenn

    Goodluck Toy. Let us know your thoughts and any new tips. I ordered reposo. I hope it helps. I am very nervous about the speaking promps, so if you remember the subjects that would be great.
    Buena suerte.

  17. latoya

    What area are u in? I would love to have a study partner? I hope i dont have to retake in May but will keep studying just in case

    • Jenn

      Im in arkansas. I need all the practice I can get. If i know what to prepare for, I will be okay, but the pressure of not knowing makes me panic. So I will study with anyone. I want to pass. I have taught in the private sector for two years. But spanish 1 & 2 is not enough to pass this test. It has been a while since I had to speak on the fly and listnen to anything that i dont already know the subject. grrrr

      • latoya

        My email is [email protected]

        • Karen

          I’m in Missouri, and need to take the World Lang Spanish Praxis also…need another study partner? I am worried about this test! My email is [email protected]

      • Karen


        I was wondering if you had taken the test in May and what your thoughts were? I need to take the test this year and have begun studying but am really nervous for it! Thanks!

  18. Cheryl

    How did y’all do on the test? I am going to take it in September and I am extremely nervous!!! Any helpful tips of things to do or not to do? I haven’t really found any good study guides for this test. Any help would be appreciated!

  19. Koy

    So I’m taking the test this Saturday and I’m pretty nervous about it (just as all of you were). What tips can you give me on what to cram for or some good things to study? please help! haha it might be too late.

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