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Apr 05 2011

Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (&c.)

Why don’t people write &c. instead of etc. anymore?  People should write &c. instead of etc.  I’ll be on the vanguard of that trend for sure.

Anyway, HI EVERYBODY! I’ve been itching to post about a few things but the perennial worry of posting too much, especially on a site people go to to check out what current TFA CMs are up to, has halted me.  But I think today it a perfectly reasonable day to get another nice long post out of the way!  Why?

Because I passed the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge exam! With a score high enough to receive the ETS Certificate of Excellence!  I must have rocked the math section as hard as I hoped I did. I’m also very glad to see that (at least this time) my hubris of calling out the test as easy before finding out the results actually worked out.  Now back to being concerned about the people who are on their third try of the test…

In all seriousness though, it’s a relief to have (I’m pretty sure) all the tests out of the way.  Right now I’m HARDCORE focusing on my honors thesis so everything has dropped way, way down the priority list.  The first draft should be finished this week (which is good, because my advisor is due to pop the first week of May).  It’s about women’s movements of protest in South America (namely, the Madres in Argentina whom I’ve researched extensively and the arpilleristas in Chile) and the intersection of their movements with torture and trauma theory. It’s pretty depressing (especially when I’m all alone at 4 in the morning typing one…last…paragraph…) but also inspiring.  I had the amazing opportunity to travel to BsAs from where I was staying in Cba to meet with some of the Madres and hear their stories.  They are wonderful people and this project has only made me respect them more.

Anyway, what else.  My college had the phenomenal opportunity to host the National Conference of Undergraduate Research this past weekend.  I got to see lots of presentations on educational inequity, race, culture, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, literature, history…we’re a tiny school and so all classes were essentially cancelled and I was able to spend the days soaking in learning.  Some were disappointing (like the poorly-researched “homosexuality is a choice” discussion) but most were very thoughtful and though-provoking and I made many new friends.  Hurray learning!

Other than that and a Led Zeppelin night a few days ago (which was a lot of fun and my Schnitzel and Spätzle mit Jägersoße was a huge hit) I haven’t been up to much.  Looking forward to a springly day when my thesis draft is done and I can get back to my Pre-Institute work!

I might be posting a little more frequently during the lead-in to Institute–when I get nervous, I babble, and I’m sure I will internet-babble despite my best intentions.  Until then, I am reading everyone’s blog and looking forward to meeting a lot of you not too far in the future!


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  1. erinkay

    Another congrats on your EE:CK excellence!! It provides me with a good feeling going into my test on the 30th!

    Your thesis sounds amazing and I can’t imagine having that looming as well as all of the Institute work! I’m pretty certain you will beast (do people use that anymore?) all of it :)

    And to assuage you in your feeling of over-posting– I came on TeachForUs and spent the most time reading bloggers acceptance, pre-Institute, Institute, &c. (just for you) sections so I knew what I was in for once accepted. So, don’t worry, there is a reader out there thankful for every post even if we aren’t doing anything really important yet!

    • I have NO worries about you taking it, it will be a breeze, a walk in the park, any other figurative language people use for telling you it’ll be easy.

      If we don’t use beast anymore, we’ll bring it back with &c. ;) Thanks!

      And thanks for the reassurance! Really helpful. I thought I was the oly one who REALLY wished there were more info out about this part of the process. I don’t want to be THAT GUY.

  2. wooo! I passed that one with excellence too! Congrats! :) Feels good, doesn’t it?? Good luck with the thesis and pre-institute work. I’m in the same boat! eeek!

    • It does feel good! It’ll feel better when the thesis is done ;) Suerte!

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