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Jan 29 2012

An interesting week! Reflect.

So it was an interesting week in my school, as my previous two posts may have indicated.  I’ve hit some lows this week — in motivation especially.  Since starting this job I have been tired, and frustrated with my kids and myself and my life and my abilities.  I’ve been frustrated with my school.  This…

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Jan 26 2012

My previous post

Is now password protected, since freedom of speech is an illusion in this country.

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Jan 25 2012

Protected: I was written up yesterday…

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Jan 18 2012

Just a quick thought as I paperclip 120 baggies to 120 8-page flashcard pages to send home to 120 families. My “office” lives behind a temporary wall in the resource room, so I spend an unusual amount of time around my resource room kids.  God, do I love them. They are in the room for…

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Jan 14 2012

It’s beeeeen One Week!

So I’ve decided to try and commit to a weekly reflection, posted here, about the week/my job in general/education in general/TFA haps in my region.  The wandering of a slightly crazed elementary school Spanish teacher This week was our first week back at the job (we had two weeks off instead of the usual one).…

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Jan 09 2012

Teaching in 2012: Lots of thoughts

I think my resolution this year is to live intentionally. I want to erase those moments of cool irony from my life–I think it takes a lot of courage to announce your passion for the world, to embrace it and its wonder. It is easier and safer to be cynical and jaded. But if more…

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