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Jan 18 2012

Just a quick thought as I paperclip 120 baggies to 120 8-page flashcard pages to send home to 120 families.

My “office” lives behind a temporary wall in the resource room, so I spend an unusual amount of time around my resource room kids.  God, do I love them.

They are in the room for varying behavioral issues, but there is one kid (P) who is pretty severely autistic.  He won’t do a lot of things that the other kids do, and has special dietary considerations, etc.  A lot of my job teaching Spanish to the resource room has been figuring out a way to make him feel comfortable participating.

Those kids love P so damn much.  They love to be the person who gets to sit next to him, they love to help him and encourage him, and they are delighted when he laughs or smiles.  He is very good at math, and they think he’s pretty much the smartest kid ever come math time.

It just warms my heart.  Maybe people don’t understand these kiddos as easily as the kids in other classes, and they may do things sometimes that are hurtful physically and mentally.  But being able to witness every day how unequivocally humongous their hearts are makes me smile.

Hope you are all well.


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